Throughout our lives, we have various, changing financial needs: from building a financial foundation so we can get married, buy a house or have children, to educational planning for our children, to retirement planning and income solutions for our own advancing years. Sorrento Pacific Financial partners with advisors in financial institutions to help you control your life-long financial plan and gain peace of mind.

SPF representatives offer you intelligent education, but no proprietary products, allowing us to recommend what is best for your individual situation. Our financial advisors are trustworthy and honest, offering clear explanations and information, to help you make good decisions. Our wide array of investment products and fee structures meet your needs and our high touch/high tech style gives you the personal support you deserve with the easily accessible online information you want. Read More


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Whether you are investing on your own behalf or that of your business, we offer a wide array of investment products to meet your needs, including mutual funds, stocks, bonds, annuities, insurance, fee-based asset management programs, trust services, and estate planning. Read More


SPF’s technology is one of our differentiators. By streamlining processes, providing more tools and increasing connectivity, your SPF advisor is more efficient and can dedicate their time to helping you with your needs.

Our unbiased research, education and training help your financial advisor stay current in the industry and attentive to your requirements. Read More

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SPF is committed to helping you achieve your investment goals. Valorie Seyfert, SPF President and CEO, shares how we partner with your bank and advisor to support your pursuit of a secure financial future. Read More